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With Microsoft’s Windows 10 upgrades and deployments, Capita Managed IT Solutions is transforming the IT end-user experience and empowering true mobility.

Microsoft Windows 10 has brought a new applications platform, security features, and unprecedented methods of interaction. Its most significant change is the move to Microsoft Windows as a Service, with regular feature releases and a farewell to major version upgrades.

Enabling mobility and improving the experience

Windows 10 apps automatically configure to suit any device. It is now a unified platform, meaning W10 apps function perfectly on all devices including tablets, desktops, laptops, and mobiles.

Increased performance and productivity

Features such as Snap-Assist, Continuum, DirectX12 and improvements to Microsoft Windows start-up means users benefit from a greatly enhanced user experience. The Windows start menu is back, bringing more user controls such as location links, frequently used apps, and power controls.

Interactive browser and search

The Microsoft Edge browser includes interactive features and enables users to annotate and share webpages to support collaboration. Clients using Internet Explorer 11 have backward compatibility with legacy browser-based applications, overcoming one of the main challenges enterprise organisations have faced when considering OS upgrades.

Windows 10 also includes Cortana, bringing voice interaction for the first time.

Capita Managed IT Solutions’ Microsoft Windows 10 Services

As a Gold Partner and part of Microsoft’s early adoption programme, Capita Managed IT Solutions works closely with Microsoft to fully understand new developments. We ensure clients can benefit from the rolling upgrades while guaranteeing their business applications are not impacted. We make sure clients get the maximum benefit from Microsoft Windows 10, and create and deliver bespoke integrated migration plans, where required.


Capita’s infrastructure assessments highlight any issues in bringing existing environments up to deployment readiness. We use specialist technologies to analyse application compatibility and perform discovery on our clients’ current software and hardware infrastructures.


We partner with clients to producing a design document that identifies each step of the update process. This defines and organises the total scope of each project.


Following the Discovery process, our consultants design a customised Base Image tailored to each client infrastructure. This is uniquely created in line with existing hardware, and includes the operating system, software updates and specific drivers for each environment.


Capita’s approach to app deployment is through the use of Application Packaging. This helps enterprises manage growing volumes of software for desktop systems efficiently, and reduces application support and management costs.


During testing phase, Capita deploys the Build Image and Packaged Applications to selected staff, ensuring all standards and requirements are identified and met. Re-testing with any remedial changes ensures any issues are resolved.


At Deployment, the Base Image & Packaged Applications are uploaded to various staging areas, allowing a staggered deployment approach that minimises disruption to clients’ business. During deployment, Capita provides an on-site resource to address any issues or end-user queries.


If required, Capita provides end-user training sessions prior to migration.

Key Features

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Microsoft Windows as a Service – what’s different?​​

Regular new features

One of Windows 10’s most important changes is the shift from monolithic upgrades to frequent feature releases. Microsoft tend to release new Windows 10 features every quarter, and we’re seeing increased integration with Microsoft powered cloud services, including Capita Productivity Hub.

Control of updates

Capita ensures its clients have more control over how Windows 10 updates are delivered, and at what pace. We tailor this depending on the needs of each client to ensure a smooth delivery of updates.

Supporting critical services

Client systems supporting critical services such as hospitals, air traffic control, financial trading systems and factory floors need very strict change management policies. These organisations are part of ‘Long Term Servicing’ branches which receive security and critical updates, while minimising change by not automatically delivering new features. We deliver full control of the distribution of updates.

Top Five Reasons to go Pro with Windows 10

1. Better security protection

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s most secure Windows ever built. Windows 10 Pro goes even further to bring enterprise-grade security features to all companies. Microsoft’s multi-layered approach helps secure our clients against modern security threats.

2. More control

Windows 10 Pro integrates into existing infrastructures. Features such as Azure Active Directory Domain Join allow our clients to create and enforce network, user, group, and device policies that align with their business needs.

3. Stay connected

Windows 10 Pro is the lifeline businesses need to connect with customers, partners, and suppliers, and allows them to bring their desktops with them virtually anywhere, no matter which device they use. Clients also get simple, single sign-on to their networks, enabling easy access to shared data and devices.

4. Stretch your investments

Business devices are designed for business, with security and features unmatched by consumer devices. Many Windows 10 Pro devices feature more durable components, longer warranties, and better support options to help protect financial investments.

5. Your device grows with your business

Getting a device with Windows 10 Pro introduces the right technology for successful business growth. Clients quickly and easily network their devices and manage updates, and benefit from the extra security and peace of mind via protected systems and data.

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