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The team at Capita Managed IT Solutions doesn't generalise about our clients, but it is fair to say that online security is of paramount and increasing importance right across the board.

Our Security Services

To ensure we cover a plethora of customer needs, we offer an end-to-end Cyber Security Service to protect networks, staff, and customer data online, and eliminate the threat of cyber-attacks. 

Our services include:

  • Security Software as a Service.
  • Security Operations Centre.
  • Cloud Hosting Security.
  • E-Safety in Education.
  • Web and Email Filtering.
  • Security Consultancy.  

Why Capita Managed IT Solutions?

Trusted Managed Security Services Partner

We believe we’re the UK and Ireland’s definitive provider of managed security services. Our heritage and customer retention statistics highlights the trust our clients have in us.

Specialist security expertise

Our credentials, expertise and experience in security solutions are recognised as class-leading, and this is exclusively associated with our highly-skilled team.

Large scale security deployment experience

We’re specialists in enterprise-level deployments, bringing absolute peace-of-mind to large scale organisations.

Multi-sector experience

We’ve been delivering security solutions throughout the education, health, commercial, utility and public sectors for decades, and bring unrivalled industry-specific experience to security projects.

Customer-focused approach

At Capita Managed IT Solutions, we create bespoke security solutions around our customers’ requirements.

Strategic technology partnerships

We partner only with the finest security partners in the world, and our commitment to be fully partner agnostic ensures we deliver the right solution for each requirement.

ISO 27001 Information Security Management System accredited

Our customers rest assured that we tick every box when it comes to official competencies and standards.

Security Software as a Service

Capita Mits Saas

Capita’s Security Software as a Service (SaaS) delivers security management via the cloud, ensuring clients’ security software is continually updated and relevant. Our Security SaaS approach also eliminates the risk of attacks on client devices and critical business servers, delivering absolute peace-of-mind and the confidence to inspire growth. Our security software is supported 24/7/365 by Capita’s dedicated security personnel, who specialise in monitoring alerts, threats and trending viruses.

Our Security Software as a Service delivers:

1. End-Point Protection - of devices including Anti-Virus

2. Critical Server Protection – providing protection of operational critical servers

3. Patch Management – deploying critical and high Operating System patches

4. Device encryption – simplified device encryption on end-user static and mobile devices.

5. Vulnerability Assessment – a testing process on client devices, infrastructure and applications.

6. Network Penetration Testing – to identify weaknesses that cyber criminals may exploit.

7. Intrusion Detection System (IDS) – enables our security specialists to analyse and monitor the behaviour and activities taking place across our clients’ networks, critical business systems and files to diminish the risk of security threats and attacks.

8. Privileged Access Management - gives logical access control. 

Security Operations Centre

Capita Mits Security Operations Centre

Capita’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) manages and monitors customers’ security requirements from one central location. At the core is a cloud-based Security Information & Event Management tool that enables clients to scale their bespoke service depending on the number of security events generated per second.

Capita’s SOC receives notifications from our clients’:

  • Network Devices
  • Host Assets
  • Applications
  • Operating Systems
  • Vulnerabilities
  • User activities and behaviours

Benefits of Capita’s Security Operations Centre:

  • Clear understanding of existing risks and compliance within an estate.
  • Real-time identification of security incidents & prioritisation of those with the biggest impact.
  • Dedicated security engineer.
  • Cost-effective and totally efficient, as license costs are based on events per second. 
  • Flexible hosting – with the choice to host on Capita or customer network. 

Cloud Hosting Security

Capita Mits Cloud Hosting

Digital transformation and flexible working practices have changed how we work, creating an unprecedented need to ensure staff can operate securely from any location.

Capita’s cloud security means that regardless of where our clients’ staff are working, our security provision protects them. This includes areas around web and email filtering, firewalls and anti-virus protection, and is a highly recommended solution for organisations with mobile workers and flexible working policies.

Capita’s Cloud Hosting Security service delivers:

  • Peace of mind - client data, applications and infrastructure are securely protected from vulnerabilities and threats.
  • Constant monitoring – continual testing and management of customer networks.
  • Access Control - provide access to an organisation’s network for authorised users.
  • Network protection - defend customer networks against any potential security threats and attacks. 
  • Filter and blockage - of any malicious content on a network.
  • Remote monitoring - and testing of security perimeters and controls on client networks.

Web & Email Filtering

Capita Mits Email Filtering

Web filtering - When it comes to web filtering, it’s not just about blocking inappropriate content and websites. We ensure clients have a modern, fit-for-purpose and feature-rich solution that focuses purely on staying safe online. With our filtering solution, organisations can easily define robust filter polices in partnership with Capita to block malicious or harmful websites, file types, and other web content specific to their bespoke needs.

Email filtering – Clients rely on us to customise 3rd party cloud-based email filtering solutions to their specific requirements. Additionally, we also provide additional levels of email protection as required, including malware scanning and encryption services for both cloud and on-premise email solutions.

E-Safety in education

Capita Mits Security

Safeguarding pupils and students online is top priority for every educational establishment across the UK and Ireland.

Capita provides an e-Safety Managed Service that manages, monitors and provides alerts to establishment e-Safety officers and leadership teams, reporting on all captures. Working with UK safer internet centres, we deliver a 24/7/365 online protection strategy specifically for the education sector.

Capita’s Education Security Solutions:

  • Further protect students from cyber bullying, online grooming, explicit images, and harmful websites.
  • Provide holistic views of incidents across a school, and deliver extra levels of confidence.
  • Combine safeguarding tools with network and device security, email filtering and security, web filtering and Mobile Device Management solutions to ensure schools have the best tools available to protect users.    
  • Comply with PREVENT and safeguarding polices to deliver safe and secure digital learning environments for learners and teachers.

Security consultancy

Capita Mits Cyber Security

Capita’s certified cyber-security consultants help clients determine precisely which solutions best fit their evolving needs. Our market-leading client retention figures highlight our genuine partnership culture with customers, and we align sector specialists to design the scope of consultancy required.

  • Security best practices – we support clients to determine security best practices that meet their unique staff, customer and infrastructure requirements.
  • Security standards – we help clients achieve IS027001 Security System Management accreditations.
  • Secure network design – we design bespoke and secure networks for clients ensuring staff and visitors are continually protected, including:
    • advanced online threat protection
    • protecting against the latest viruses
    • network vulnerabilities   
    • spam and malicious software
  • GDPR – we deliver “Preparing for GDPR” workshops for Data Protection Officers and leadership teams.
  • Cyber Security awareness – we offer Cyber Security awareness sessions and end-user training for internal IT teams. 

​Top 10 security challenges for 2018 and beyond

1. GDPR – 25th May 2018
2. Insider threats
3. High impact attacks
4. Cloud configuration and security
5. Application security
6. Overwhelming customers with security alerts
7. Vulnerability of mobile devices and BYOD
8. Getting back to basics (Av, Patching, Firmware updates)
9. Malware with work capabilities
10. Adapting strategies alongside configurations for NextGen Technologies

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