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Capita Managed IT Solutions’ technology partner Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced in April this year that it completed its acquisition of Nimble Storage, a fast-growing and dynamic technology company based in San Jose, California.

Founded in 2007, Nimble Storage attracted investors with the enticing potential of its innovative products, including Flash Arrays, SmartStack integrated infrastructure and their state-of-the-art storage management system, known as InfoSight Predictive Analytics.

President of Hewlett Packard Enterprise Antonio Neri illustrated the importance of HP’s acquisition of Nimble Storage, stating that the move helps HPE “deliver on our vision of making Hybrid IT simple for our customers.” And that’s the beauty of the Nimble Storage solution in a nutshell.

Its simplicity and efficiency has revolutionised the smart storage market, and the benefits are quite clear.

Using cloud-based predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent problems before they happen with intuitive online performance and system monitoring, the InfoSight storage management system is at the forefront of intuitive and adaptive technology.

Overall, the Nimble Storage solution fundamentally offers reduced risk, significantly reduced support costs and greatly improved efficiency.

Capita Managed IT Solutions are able to offer this unique product, along with installation and customer support, all for an affordable cost until Monday 30th October. If you’d like to discuss the Nimble Storage solution in more detail, or would like to arrange a consultation with one of our storage experts, you can contact us using our online webform, or email

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