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About Viridian

Viridian is a leading independent company operative in the all-Ireland market accounting for 23% and 27% market share of the domestic and business energy sectors respectively. Viridian currently employs 450 staff across 10 sites and has approx. 400 IT users.    

Capita have been working in partnership with Viridian since 1998, providing a full IT Managed Service. The service support critical business operations including Trading and Settlement, Billing, and Customer Care solutions which underpin Viridian’s Power NI and Energia businesses.   

The IT Managed Service encompasses infrastructure, data centre applications, networks, desktops, disaster recovery and business continuity, with Capita providing technical assurance across all areas.  Support for business critical applications including SAP, Citrix and file and print services for end users is included in the service. Capita also manage the secure Backup of data on over 400 servers in their datacentre in Belfast.    


Business Challenge

 In 2010 Viridian sold part of its group, NIE to ESB.   This created the need for the separation of the business into two distinct business operations. The Backup service was one element of the infrastructure which was required to be separated. As the two businesses were very closely linked, this was a challenging transition and required significant resources from Capita and Viridian. The entire project was carefully managed to reduce impact on users and eliminate downtime. The project was completed successfully with minimal disruption to end users.  



Viridian’s Backup Service is delivered as part of the IT Managed Service. This includes managing all backup solutions which were fully implemented and maintained by Capita. The backup solutions are based on Netbackup technology. The backup strategy consists of a number of technologies including VMware, Windows and Unix servers which are all backed up on a nightly basis using Netbackup.  This involves database backups to disk, followed by complete server and database backups from disk to tape.   Capita currently manage 400 backed up servers for Viridian.  In order to cater for the multiple servers, tape libraries are present in each site. These production and non-production sites hold multiple tapes and have multiple drives. Netbackup is then scheduled to backup all servers automatically overnight.   The datacentre staff  are responsible for all tape rotations in the libraries so that once the backups are complete the tapes are taken to offsite safes to safeguard the data on the tapes.  Data retention policies are in place to support recovery and restore of data when required.  Regular test restores are carried out to ensure that Capita can recover data as and when required.    



  • A robust, reliable backup service comprised of modern, supported technologies.
  • Backup service delivered by experienced Capita staff ensuring minimal disruption to service and restoration of data in an efficient manner.
  • Viridian IT team freed up to focus on core business needs.
  • A range of backup policies in place to ensure daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly monitoring of Backup. This ensures complete pro-active monitoring of backups on a regular basis, reducing failures and improving overall user satisfaction.
  • Peace of mind that data is stored securely.
  • Reassurance that business critical information is backed up and can be restored consistently.

 “Capita provides a complete backup service to Viridian based on direct backup from SAN to tape libraries. All of the job creation control and monitoring is performed by Capita as part of the managed service. This solution helps to improve service levels by increasing the backup, recovery and retrieval of business critical information. We are confident Capita have the specialist expertise to support and eliminate any issues that should occur, ensuring loss of data is monitored and restored in an efficient manner.”   Catherine Gardiner (CIO), Viridian.

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