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About The Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA)

The Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) was created under the Review of Public Administration on 1 April 2007 by the merger of Driver and Vehicle Licensing NI (DVLNI) and the Driver & Vehicle Testing Agency (DVTA).  The agency’s vision is ‘Safer vehicles and safer driving’.

DVA is responsible for vehicle and driver testing; vehicle registrations and licensing; the collection and enforcement of vehicle excise duty, driver licensing as well as a range of other activities.

With 15 test centres located throughout Northern Ireland, DVA employ over 700 staff within its testing department. Capita has a long-standing relationship with DVA, and worked with the Agency since 2001.


Business Challenge

Changes in legislation led to a requirement for the DVA to modify the print certificate application, which prints test certificates at each test centre in Northern Ireland.

The two changes in legislation were:

  • Change in the public service regulations which will affect all licensed taxis and stretched heavy taxis.

  • Change in the legislation to remove the requirement to display test certificates (MOT discs), therefore there will be no requirement to print the disc at test centres.

DVA therefore required a change to its software to enable the two changes in legislation, which Capita was able to support.

The objective of this project was to modify the print certificate software to ensure that all test centres can print in line with the new legislation. The project also generated a change in the size of paper being distributed from external printers. The paper was reformatted from customised A5 to plain A4 paper, removing the MOT discs.



Capita re-developed the Print Certificate Application in January 2015 which was deployed to each of the test centres throughout Northern Ireland. The software included two date parameters to allow the software to be rolled out in advance of the legislation dates.  

  • Print Cert Development

The Print Certificate Application re-development was finalised in January 2015 and system and regression testing was completed in February 2015.

  • Testing

A test environment was configured by Capita to allow full system and regression testing of the upgraded print certificate software.

This included rigorous analysis of the date parameter change, to ensure the software changes would take effect from the proposed launch date. This was essential to ensure that the software changes were released in line with the proposed legislation dates.

Amendments were completed to the DVA MOT Printcert software to enable the system to print the complete MOT certificate with a unique reference number on A4 paper and remove the perforated disc section.

Amendments were also completed to the legislative text and formatting of the Taxi Inspection Notice.

The Taxi Inspection Notice, issued after a taxi or stretched/heavy taxi passes its mechanical inspection, will be reformatted, and it will also include the insurance details that would have been captured at the start of the inspection. It will also record whichever classification of taxi that the vehicle was tested against and include a unique certificate number.

The reference to the public service vehicle regulations will be reworded to encapsulate the new legislation and the regulations that are applicable.

Changes to the Print Cert software were successfully completed and tested in a pilot test centre. These changes where then implemented to over 80 PC’s in the remaining 14 test centres over a number of weeks by Capita engineers.  An activation date for each change was built into the software to enable the new version to be rolled out ahead of time and each change activated when required.



  • Cost effective - Significant cost saving for DVA as it has saved them £35k – £40k per annum. DVA no longer have to order and maintain large supplies of the customised A5 pre-printed certificate stationary at considerable costs.

  • Easier to maintain with less problems occurring. Printers no longer require a customised tray set up for A5 certificate stationery. All printed documentation from the system (including certificates, results and failure notices) print on A4 – therefore no requirement to set up trays for unique purposes. Barcode scanners are no longer required to scan pre-printed certificate codes into the system. The amended software now prints a unique code on each certificate for security purposes.

  • Bespoke software re-developed to enable the two new legislations.

  • The project was completed successfully on time and within budget and DVA complimented the seamless process carried out by Capita staff.  

  “The delivery of the project went exactly as proposed by the project manager. Daily communication throughout the project meant the DVA team were fully aware of how the Printcert roll out was progressing.  The new software has significantly increased our cost savings – saving us £35k-40k per annum and it certainly makes staff users’ job more efficient and effective.  I would like to thank all Capita’s employee involvement during this very successful project.”   Barry KearneyMOT2 Contract ManagerDVA

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