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About Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service (NIBTS)

The Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service (NIBTS) was established in 1946 as an independent Special Agency of the Health and Personal Social Services Department. It is responsible for the collection, testing and distribution of over 64,000 blood donations each year. At NIBTS headquarters, located on the site of the Belfast City Hospital, a total of almost 1,000 donation sessions are held each year.


The Challenge  

As a life-critical and lifesaving service, NIBTS needs its systems to have high availability and run efficiently at all times in order to ensure the smooth processing and delivery of Blood Supply in Northern Ireland. In addition to its headquarters, NIBTS operates 3 mobile units at over 300 locations across the province. The organisation required additional IT support to minimise downtime and ensure high availability for all users. Given the organisation’s role across Northern Ireland, it is absolutely crucial that the ICT infrastructure is completely reliable, highly efficient, and fully supports the critical applications used to manage and dispatch blood 24/7/365.


The Solution

To support NIBTS’s Information Management & Technology (IM&T) department deliver a high-performing IT infrastructure, Capita implemented its Service Desk solution from the Managed service range, enabling the IM&T Department to more effectively support the business systems used in the collection, testing and distribution of blood donations throughout Northern Ireland.

The dedicated Service Desk supports all staff and over 200 devices, proactively managing and escalating all incidents through to resolution. Capita’s services provide staff with a single point of contact and dedicated telephone line for all IT user problems and requests.

The solution includes tiered support of back office servers, desktop PCs, printers and laptops. Furthermore, Capita provides on-site, remote, and telephone support to the remote blood collection sessions, and also provides support at NIBTS’s head office. This remote support from the Service Desk staff includes everything from resetting passwords and resolving network mapping issues, to adding printers, resolving local printer and file issues.

Additionally, Capita provides on-site engineering staff when required who, in liaison with internal IM&T technical staff, provide system monitoring of server backups and server hardware issues. Capita has invested in the ITIL best-practice framework, which enables the Service Desk to provide full life-cycle ownership of all incidents recorded in the Service Management database, and to influence workflow design that ensures compatibility and process efficiency.



The lifesaving service of managing and dispatching blood products demands a failsafe, efficient and totally reliable IT infrastructure. It goes without saying that any delays or errors in this process could be life threatening, and therefore requires a delivery partner that has earned its reputation for service excellence and trust. Capita's Service Desk provides the convenience and efficiency of a single point of contact for NIBTS’s IM&T Department with a dedicated team of experts in place to resolve issues as quickly as possible to maintain a highly available and reliable infrastructure. The remote management solution also provides further security in resolving any possible issues before they impact on service delivery, which is again critical to NIBTS and similar clients.

Soon after Capita deployed its services, there was a noticeable improvement in performance levels by the end users in areas such as availability and direct access to support, which is now on a 24/7/365 basis compared to its previous 9-5 model. Moreover, since the Service Desk function was handed over to Capita, the IT Manager in NIBTS has been free to concentrate on future strategies within the IM&T function.


Key Benefits of Capita’s Implementation  

  • Improved Customer Service

  • Increased Efficiencies

  • Improved Security

  • Increased Staff Productivity

  • Added Value and Support to the IT department


"The new Service Desk has had instant impact - our IT department has now the added value of the service desk support from Capita which has increased performance levels and efficiency of the critical IT applications. With NIBTS being a 24/7/365 organisation, a highly available and efficient system is critical. With Capita's solution in place, any disruption to service is minimised - ultimately helping to save lives. Capita's expertise has been invaluable in implementing the new support systems. They really took the time to get to know how we worked, our issues and the sensitivities that exist when it comes to the blood product supply chain. As a result Capita has put in place a specialist team capable of adding real value to our operation."

Stephen Brimstone, IM&T Manager, NITBS

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