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Services: IT Solutions, Managed Services

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About Doosan Babcock Energy

Doosan Babcock Energy Ltd (DBEL) is a multi-specialist energy services company operating in the thermal power, nuclear, petrochemical, oil & gas and pharmaceutical industries.  It is part of a powerful combination of companies united under the Doosan Group to deliver complementary technologies, skills and value to customers across the globe, and is a specialist in the delivery of engineering, aftermarket and upgrade services to the energy sector. DBEL is one of the world’s leading providers of advanced efficient boilers and biomass conversion technology, and has been a major supplier to the nuclear industry for over 65 years.


The Challenge

Doosan Babcock is one of our longest-held clients, and we’re hugely proud of the work we continue to deliver to the organisation. After an initial 3-year managed service contract, Doosan deployed Capita Managed IT Solutions to upgrade its corporate IT infrastructure, staffing, and support services for 1100 end-users. 

The company’s key objective was to reduce IT spend, and in order to achieve that, the company needed to replace end-of-life equipment with technology that would support its current needs and future growth plans.  



One of Doosan’s key objectives in upgrading the hardware was to achieve standardisation throughout the organisation. In a company of Doosan Babcock’s size, this requires a range of expertise and years of IT solutions experience. To meet this challenge, Capita installed 334 PCs, 150 laptops, and 45 servers across the company’s three main UK locations (Renfrew, Crawley and Tipton), and in over 50 remote sites and locations.

For optimum performance and resilience, each of Doosan Babcock’s three main sites host their own systems and services, including File & Print, and email. Critical data at each site is replicated to either another server locally, or in a separate environment. In the event of a primary server or storage failure, the replicated data server or storage server is brought ‘online’.

In addition to delivering the above key services for Doosan, we also provided the organisation with a bespoke Service Level Agreement which includes the provision of on-site engineers, a remote monitoring service, and a helpdesk facility. All of these are vital to ensure Doosan Babcock’s needs, and the needs of their clients, are fully serviced.



In this project, Capita Managed IT Solutions delivered a fix to Doosan’s over-expenditure problems. The upgrade of its ICT infrastructure was essential to ensuring the overall long term IT spend within the company was reduced, and we were able to implement it whilst ensuring no services or customers were effected in any way. Capita Managed IT Solutions replaced end-of-life equipment to not only improve staff efficiency, but the introduction of new equipment means the organisation is prepared and able to proactively strategise for future technologies and evolving customer requirements. Overall, we have ensured Doosan can continue to communicate effectively both internally with staff, and externally with customers.

Modern and industry-specific software has dramatically improved Doosan’s online security. Additionally, back servers have enabled full business continuity to reduce both downtime and support costs for Doosan. The organisation’s administration expenditure has also been minimised due to remote administration functionality and centralised management of servers, software, PCs, laptops and printers.

Having now delivered new technology that’s fit for present and future-purpose, Doosan Babcock is able to focus much more on key innovations and strategic growth, which was another of the company’s main objectives in the initial project brief.

Capita Managed IT Solutions is delighted to have worked with Doosan Babcock for many years, and look forward to continuing our relationship for many more.  


Key Benefits delivered by Capita Managed IT Solutions  

  • Increased efficiencies   
  • Improved internal & external communication   
  • Increased security   
  • Improved productivity   
  • Reduced support & administration costs



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