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Microsoft Windows 10

Transforming the end user IT experience

What's new?

Upgrade cycles - quarterly feature updates means farewell to major upgrade cycles.

Increased performance/increased productivity - features such as Snap-Assist, Continuum, DirectX12 and improvements to Microsoft Windows start-up means you will have a faster and better user experience. For those that haven't used Windows 8.1, the start menu is back with improved user controls.

Control - you control how and when you receive new features.

Critical support - critical services can receive security and critical updates, while minimising change by not automatically delivering new features.

Enable mobility for better user experience - Microsoft Windows 10 will change the user presentation depending on the device that you use. New applications from Microsoft's store will work in all modes and on all devices including tablets, desktop, laptops, mobiles and Xbox.

Interactive browser and search - the new Microsoft Edge browser in Microsoft Windows 10 includes interactive features such as the ability to annotate and share webpages to support collaboration.

As already featured with Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows 10 for desktop, laptop and tablet devices will also include Cortana, allowing new ways to interact using voice as well as typing.

Our services:

Capita Managed IT Solutions have extensive experience and skills in delivering Microsoft migration projects for many of our customers.

Our specialist teams offer professional services and support as well as a range of application services which take the complexity out of the transition and ensure a smooth transition to Windows 10 with minimal impact to daily operations.

  • Professional services during Discover and Define stages - providing an infrastructure assessment and producing a design document to define the process and structure of the project.
  • Create and Package - design of a customised and tailored base image and application packaging. Application packaging for deployment can either be provided by us or completed by you.
  • Test, Deploy and Support - during testing, a selected group of staff will have the image and apps deployed before full rollout to ensure any issues are resolved. A staggered deployment approach also ensures minimal disruption to your business.


  • Repackaging of apps should be much more straightforward with fewer compatability issues than previous migrations
  • New features designed to improve security
  • First OS designed to run across all future Microsoft devices from desktops to tablets and smartphones
  • Longer support - 5 years longer than Windows 7 and 8

Enhance your organisation's security with Windows 10 - Microsoft's most secure Windows platform

Windows 10 is built to protect your organisation with extensive identity, data, device and network protections that are not available with Windows 7.

Windows 10 Pro goes further to  bring enterprise-grade security features to all organisations. Microsofts's multi-layered approach including encryption and protection from unauthorised access to business data helps secure your organisation against modern security threats.

The time is now for planning your organisation's move to Windows 10

As well as enhanced security features, there are other factors driving the need to make the switch sooner rather than later. In the next few months, downgrades to Windows 7 will no longer be provided with new devices. In addition, the new Intel platform being released next year will not be compatible with Windows 7.

Reasons to go Pro with Windows 10:

  • Better security protection
  • More control as Windows 10 Pro integrate into your existing infrastructure
  • Stay connected - bring your desktop with you virtually anywhere, no matter which device with single sign on to your business network
  • Stretch your investment - business devices designed for business with security and features unmatched by consumer devices
  • Your device grows with your business - getting a device with Windows 10 Pro now will set you up with the right technology for successful business growth. You will be able to quickly and easily network your devices and manage updates, plus get the extra security and peace of mind that your system and data are protected
  • Increased performance and productivity - features such as Snap-Assist, Continuum, DirectX12 and improvments to Microsoft Windows start-up means that users will have an improved and faster user experience

Contact Capita today to find out more on how we can help you make the switch to Windows 10. Email us at or telephone  +44 (0) 28 9085 9085.                                

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