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Infrastructure Backup Management Service

What is Capita’s Infrastructure Backup Management Service?

Protecting your critical business information through backup management is crucial when supporting end users. Loss of data can negatively impact on both your organisations ability to operate and its reputation.

Capita’s Infrastructure Backup Management Service has been designed to meet your backup requirements with a specialised team who will review your current infrastructure, identify any required remediation actions and provide a Backup Management Service that includes job and policy configuration, media selection, backup monitoring, annual health checks and media management (optional).  Once live, it includes the ability to implement changes via a change fund for your estate.
Capita’s Backup Management Service allows you to focus your investment and safeguard your data whether it resides in virtual or physical environments.  Our service provides reassurance that if the worst should happen, there is reliable recovery procedure in place ensuring IT business continuity. Capita currently support data on thousands of servers
across public, private and third sector organisations. 



  • Provides reasurrance - Capita provides you with peace of mind that backups are successfully completed and you are immediately alerted to any failures. Capita's Backup Management Service allows you to minimise business and operational impact of data loss.
  • Cost effective and efficient - Backups are automated and monitoring is completed in a timely organised manner from a shared service centre.
  • Specialist expertise - Capita have specialist expertise to support your backup infrastructure and restore data consistently. Our Backup Management Service frees up internal resources  to work on other projects. The service includes an annual review on your backup infrastructure.

Service Overview:


Download our Infrastructure Backup Management Service brochure here

For further information on the Capita Backup Management Service email or telephone 0844 346 0025
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