Northgate Managed Services

Capita Private Cloud


What is it?

Capita Private Cloud is one of the world's most advanced Infrastructure-as-a-Service platforms.  It seamlessly integrates premium class compute, network and storage technologies from Cisco, Intel, EMC and VMware in one end-to-end solution; delivering efficiency and business agility for virtualisation and cloud computing.

Seamlessly Combining Public and private Cloud Services

Capita Private Cloud comes with cloud brokerage services. We can aggregate, integrate and customise many different cloud services. For you this means, you contract once, yet blend the finest elements of public and private cloud services in one. What’s more, Capita Private Cloud allows you to consolidate all service management and billing across your diverse cloud services; optimise your computing environment and simplify your operations. This is how we unlock the true potential of cloud computing.

Data Sovereignty in our UK data centres

Capita Private Cloud delivers all of the flexibility of public cloud providers yet it’s backed with the security of data being stored in our UK data centres - guaranteeing your data sovereignty.  With true cloud burst capability and robust ITIL service management, Capita Private Cloud offers something quite different.

Delivering Flexibility

Pick and choose exactly what you require, tailor our service to suit your needs and pay only for what you use – predictable pricing to enable you to budget, plan and scale operations up or down depending on demand.

What are you looking to achieve?

  • Provide agile IT services – scale up or down depending on demand
  • Reduce costs and remove CAPEX challenges with predictable OPEX spend
  • Consolidate or modernise existing business infrastructure and applications
  • Standardise your IT environments to reduce complexity and total cost of ownership
  • Guarantee high availability and application performance at peak demand, and
  • Guarantee complete disaster recovery with business continuity assured
  • Implement Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Software-as a- Service (SaaS) delivery models

Why Capita Private Cloud?

  • Best of breed technologies -  from the best mix of cloud providers – Cisco, Intel, EMC and VmWare
  • Predictable, transparent utility pricing - No need for CAPEX spending and the challenges that brings, pay only for what you use
  • UK based data centres - Flexibility of public cloud providers with the security of data being stored in our UK based data centres
  • Reliable and robust support - ITIL service management as well as support of all the underlying technology, security, resilience, patch management, testing and refresh investments, delivering an end to end service
  • Single supplier, single contract - eliminating risk and complexities
  • Mix of public and private cloud services – use familiar public cloud services such as Office 365 and integrate with private cloud services in one secure environment.
  • Self-service control – 24/7 self-service portal giving you control to not only provision different public and private cloud services, but also monitor and manage the performance of all your mission critical services.
  • Rapid provisioning- highly automated, provision new IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services in near real time.
  • Innovation - Future innovation roadmap keeping you at the forefront of technology

You get the best that cloud computing can offer; the best mix of cloud providers; the best value and return on investment and the best service that mobilises and transforms your business.  All delivered at a competitive, OPEX only price that's hard to beat.