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UAV's in STEM education event

Event Date: 27 Mar 2017

Event Location: Nerve Centre, Somerset Street Belfast BT7 2GS

Capita & the Nerve Centre Belfast invite you to explore how to integrate UAV's in your classroom learning.

Everywhere you turn, there is talk about Unmanned Aerial Ve-hicles (UAVs) in the sky. Have you ever wondered how these intriguing UAVs could be incorporated into your classroom to captivate your students interest into STEM careers?

Hosted by Steve Moss, this free event will be led by the team from the highly successful National Science Foundation "Modern Digital Blanket Toss" programme in the USA.
Breakout sessions with,
  • Dr J Monahan “Establishing a STEM programme in your school”
  • Dr Mark Standley “Building Community & Leadership Skills:”
  • Adam Low “UAVs and the STEM Curriculum”


Please note places are limited and reserved on a first come basis. 

For any questions regarding the event click here 


9:30am Welcome & Introductions
9:45am Background to the Modern Digital Blanket Toss / T3 programmes 
10:30am Outline of breakout sessions
10:45am Tea / coffee break 
11.00am  Breakout session
12:00pm  Lunch 
1:00pm  Breakout session 
2:00pm  Breakout session 
3:00pm  Plenary session  Q & A chaired by Steve Moss
3:30pm  Event close


Breakout sessions

1.  “Establishing a STEM programme in your school” – Dr John Monahan

In addition to fielding any specific Q&As from the opening presentations, John will discuss the administration of a project, the under-represented population served, the policies, procedures and politics of getting a project started, including how it can be funded, etc.

2. “Building Community & Leadership Skills:” – Dr Mark Standley

How to operationalise the leadership and service learning components of a project, involving outside partners, etc. This involves the teacher reaching out to prospective partners in the community and interviewing them for a good fit to work with the kids.  When a good fit is established, invite them to present their project idea to the students and be ready to collaborate as the data is collected and the project unfolds. Making sure that the project results are shared in a public forum and that the students are recognised for their work.  After several of these partnerships, students gain the experience and skills to facilitate a service learning project that they envision and create.

3.  “UAVs and the STEM Curriculum” - Adam Low

With hands-on activities that demonstrate UAVs, 3D printers and coding STEM lessons in the classroom, Adam will refer to the online curriculum of the original project. To deliver perspective, he will describe the evolution of the technologies and the associated curriculum over the course of the MBT and T3 Projects.  Attendees will leave with an understanding of the framework that the project team has developed to weave leadership and STEM technologies together and involve students with members of their communities.  In addition, educators who are interested in setting up their own after-school program will learn the appropriate questions to ask as they outline their goals.