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Western Health Trust - SharePoint 2010


The Western Health and Social Care Trust provide a number of client focused health and social care services from hospitals, community based settings and direct to individuals homes. The trust employs 12,000 people and delivers services to 17% of the population of Northern Ireland.

Business Challenge

The Trust's internal communication system was dated and did not meet their growing needs. With a dispersed workforce the Trust needed to improve their ability to communicate and share information more effectively to ensure a better and more responsive service is provided to their patients. The Trust have implemented SharePoint 2010 to overcome limitations of the current system.

The Solution

SharePoint2010 is a system which enables users share information online, manage documents publish reports and aid decision making.

The Trust are planning to migrate all of their existing SharePoint team sites into a new over-arching site structure which will allow all departments to share information and will remove the workload from the ICT department. The Trust are also maximising their usage of SharePoint 2010's functionality to design and implement a new Trust Intranet. The full implementation is due for completion by March 2012.


SharePoint 2010 has helped integrate service delivery across the organisation which spans five Council areas. The trust is set to benefit from improved collaborative working and faster communication through the implementation of SharePoint 2010.

The labour ward is using the current environment to schedule procedures. The family support team have the ability to access caseloads, share and review information within caseloads and ensure timescales are met. The Performance and Service Improvement team are using the system to upload data onto a performance framework on a daily basis, enabling accurate and up to date information sharing between departments.

Key Benefits - SharePoint 2010 will allow the trust to:

  • Promote workflow solutions.
  • Enable an in depth site search.
  • Maximise E-learning opportunities.
  • Increase security.
  • Develop a cohesive intranet structure.

"Having gone through a period of organisational change I'm delighted with the positive experience of working with Capita Managed IT Solutions and Ergo in implementing SharePoint 2010. From the establishment of common practices and procedures, to the integration of services and enhanced information sharing it continues to deliver positive results throughout the Trust which can only be good news for those who work for us and for those who use our services!"
Nadene Aspel, Software Solutions Manager from the Western Health & Social Care Trust