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Severn Trent Water - Printing Solution


Severn Trent Water is a provider of high quality water and sewerage services to over 3.7million households and businesses in Mid Wales and the Midlands region. It is part of Severn Trent Plc, a global leading supplier of water and water waste treatment services.

The organisation employs over 5,500 people from scientists, maintenance workers, and contact centre staff to administrators and engineers. Each day Severn Trent Water supply their customers with approximately 2 billion litres of drinking water and treat 2.7 billion litres of wastewater for communities and businesses.

Capita Managed IT Solutions have been working with Severn Trent Water as a framework supplier since 2009.

Business Challenge

Severn Trent Water were consolidating many of their offices into one main office based in Coventry, bringing together 1,700 staff, with 1,300 hot desks. The new office has a high energy efficient physical design; to support this, the organisation required a printing solution which was in line with their environmental plans and one which supported the office consolidation and flexible working procedures.

Their fleet of printers was aged and highly inefficient in terms of printing output and power usage. Security and confidentiality of documents was also an important consideration. Severn Trent Water aimed to standardise their printing, copying, faxing and scanning capabilities and move to multifunctional printers.


Capita worked in partnership with Konica Minolta to design a solution which met Severn Trent Water's business requirements and provided value for money. The printing solution included a printer device refresh with fax and scanning capabilities and a design that supports Severn Trent Water's energy efficient building design and reduces carbon footprint.

There were 32 new multifunctional A3 capable mono and colour printers implemented along with 2 software applications; Ysoft and RightFax.

The software installed enables Severn Trent Water to track and report on individual users' printing levels. This in future will help the organisation to highlight areas and implement policies to reduce the environmental impact of printing. The solution developed incorporated "follow me printing" which allows employees to access their documents from any printing device, at any time, enabled by Ysoft software. Security and confidentiality of scanning, copying and printing documents was enhanced as users login to the printing devices by swiping their staff ID badge. RightFax enterprise software was installed to allow a fax to be sent and received from devices across the Severn Trent Water network without the need for a telephone line.

The devices installed have a certified low environmental impact; the Simitri Polymerised toner used produces 40% reduction in C02 emissions during production through being set at a lower temperature therefore reducing power consumption. The printing devices' energy-efficient design enables lower CO2 emissions and power consumption due to their automatic low power, shut off and duplex printing.

In the future Severn Trent Water plan to deploy this solution across all sites; therefore documents can be printed from any device to any office location, supporting 3,500 users across 100 office locations.

The move to the new office was successfully completed in September 2010. Capita and Konica Minolta implemented the solution prior to the move with no downtime experienced.

"In partnership with Capita Managed IT Solutions and Konica Minolta, we have implemented a printing solution which successfully achieves cost reductions, enhanced security and environmentally friendly printing. The solution has offered our staff flexible and secure printing capabilities, as they can access their documents from any device by swiping their ID cards. It will also allow us to monitor printing levels and implement print initiatives to achieve further costs and environmental impact. "
Myron Hrycyk, CIO, Severn Trent Water


  • Environmentally friendly solution.
  • Supports flexible working.
  • Control of printing environment.
  • Security and confidentiality enhanced.
  • Tracking and reporting printing facility.
  • Value for money.