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Capita and TEACH Trust, providing consultancy support for growth

In January 2016, Capita started to work in partnership with Teach Trust to develop an ICT strategy to meet their requirements for growth. TEACH Trust, is a Multi-Academy Trust of 4 infant and junior schools in Poole, Dorset. Initial discussions took place to understand the trusts visions and the role of ICT in learning and teaching. The outcome was to agree a baseline technical audit of the 4 schools and trust wide services. The audit findings would help ensure future ICT investment met the trusts educational and IT needs.

The audit was carried out by a Capita technical specialist and included a review of:
  • Server and storage provision
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Wireless infrastructure
  • Cloud services
  • Hardware devices including desktop and mobile
  • WAN internet connectivity
  • Cabling, network and power infrastructure
  • Security solutions
  • Audio Visual classroom toolkits
  • Warranty packages
  • IT support services
  • Shares services between the schools
  • Procurement channels and strategy
The audit findings were summarised during a meeting with the leadership team at TEACH Trust and technical written reports were provided to the Chief Executive and shared with the team.

The final stage in the process was a telephone conference call with key stakeholders, during the call Capita provided clarification on any of the points in the reports that the Trust’s team required more detail on.
Feedback on both the process and outcome was very positive, and the reports have supported the Trust in developing their ICT vision in line with their budget.

Our aim at Teach Trust is for all the schools to make the most of their IT provision to support learning and teaching. With schools coming together under the trust, they had varying IT capabilities and services. In order to understand their IT environment, the audit undertook by Capita was key. The team worked with the individual schools and the audit findings produced are really important. The findings are the basis to support the trust’s leadership team to develop an IT vision and development plan that meets each individual school’s needs
Val Arbon, The Teach Trust