Northgate Managed Services

Our Values

Our Values - The Key to Our Success

At the centre of everything we do is a shared commitment to deliver a service of the highest quality and continually improve the way in which everyone contributes towards this. This vision is focused at all of the marketplaces in which we operate and the customers to whom we deliver our services. Fundamentally, our values embrace everyone who works for Capita.

Respect our customers and treat them fairly

  • Identify who your customers are and ensure they receive the best possible service. Always have their needs at the heart of what you do.
  • Encourage feedback and react appropriately.
  • Constantly review processes to ensure you always meet customer needs.

Encourage a ‘can do’ mentality

  • Be prepared to admit mistakes quickly, learn from them and share knowledge with others.
  • Look for new and alternative ways of doing things – think outside the box.
  • Create a supportive working environment that empowers employees to come up with ideas and solutions.

Deliver what we promise

  • Ensure effective project management which gives clear understanding of what has to be done and when. If you say you will do something, make sure you do it.
  • Be aware of potential pitfalls and make contingency plans.
  • Communicate effectively at all levels to ensure clear understanding of project objectives. Monitor achievement through individual and project performance management.

Work together in teams

  • Understand the greater value of the team compared to the individual. Know the strengths of all team members and utilise them to maximum benefit. Share knowledge and ideas.
  • Build team spirit and motivation. Know your team and take time to make sure your team knows you.
  • Have team values and goals. Recognise that everyone has a part to play and celebrate team success together.

Have an open door approach

  • Be approachable and accessible, open and honest.
  • Ensure that communication is two-way. Give and receive constructive feedback.
  • Take responsibility for finding out information and keeping others informed.

Give autonomy and take responsibility

  • Give people the tools to do the job effectively and provide support.
  • Encourage people to make their own decisions and be responsible for their own actions.
  • Support people in continuous development both personal and professional

Manage calmly and consistently

  • Recognise the importance of the balance between management responsibilities for the task, team and individual.
  • Be clear about what is expected. Set and review clear objectives and give regular feedback within the performance management framework.
  • Support development based on achievement and merit.

Embrace diversity and respect our colleagues

  • Value differences in each other and recognise the value that a diverse workforce can bring.
  • Ensure that everyone understands targets and objectives and accept that, in some cases, people may use different methods of achieving them.
  • Ensure that teams integrate with each other and work to understand and embrace each others' differences.

Make it fun!

  • Create a working environment in which people feel comfortable and which generates a positive approach and a feeling of achievement.
  • Have local and corporate social events to enable people to participate and network.
  • Build teams that achieve and pull together and, of course, celebrate success